VAULT 1-9-1-3 

The Ultimate Escape Scholarship

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Vault 1-9-1-3: The Ultimate Escape Scholarship is open to all students who attend the University of Florida. The purpose of The Ultimate Escape Scholarship is to bring recognition to art that originated from Black culture that has been appropriated by others, leading to black artist’s success being stunted and other groups profiting off of work and culture that is not their own.

You must show that you understand the topic and present it, in video format, with originality, creativity and clarity. Judging will be based upon creativity and originality, the quality of the information you provide, how well your submission addresses the topic, and overall impression. Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes. It should be centered around cultural appropriation in the world of art, informative and engaging in nature.

For example, the video content could be in the form of a spoken word piece, vlog, or TED Talk. Be creative with your submissions!


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